If Athletes Won Oscars

Produced by: Hitmakers Media
Anna Kleinsorge
Michelle Winters
Directed by: Joseph Wesley

Host – Cicero Salmon III
Sarah Kerpowski – Anna Kleinsorge
Director – Phil Talsky
Greasy Janet – Michelle Winters
Producer 1 – Oded Kassirer
Producer 2 – Justin Cousson
Champagne Dancer – Lindsay Heston
Couch Fan – Oliver Perkov


Exorcisms! Better Than A Juice Cleanse

Juice cleanses are out! Exorcisms are in! They’ll clear ya out better than cayenne pepper ever could. See the latest fad hitting the Midwest in a BIG way! 😉

Strawberry Beefcakes
Joe Wesley: Director, DP, Writer
Michelle Winters: Producer, Writer, Actress
Travis Shannon: 1st Assistant Camera

Becky: Michelle Winters
Cheryl: Beth Alspaugh
Masseuse: Paul Savory